Beacon Comprehensive Loss Recovery, LLC, offers complete commercial, institutional and industrial restorative drying and technical cleaning.

Our professional services are designed to mitigate water, mold and soot damages. Beacon’s 24-hour emergency response teams are trained to protect your assets and deploy specialized equipment and skilled technicians to ensure the least amount of physical damage to affected finishes, structures and air quality.

Whether your emergency requires protection of 10,000 square feet of office space or 100,000 square feet of institutional facilities, Beacon has the resources necessary to reduce your exposure to the damaging effects of water, mold and fire/soot damages.

However well you plan, there can be times when disaster strikes. Any unplanned event, leading to a partial or full process stoppage, can result in down time that is seriously damaging to your business. In these times of high deductibles and self-insured retention rates, more and more companies are electing to pre-register with a qualified restoration company who has the necessary experience and resources.  

Fortunately, Beacon Recovery’s RES-Q service will give you unparalleled priority support day and night, until the situation is rectified and your process is back in operation. Is your company prepared should a disaster strike?  Please visit out RES-Q service page to learn more on registering for RES-Q Priority Response.

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